Where The Heck Am I?

Well met, and welcome to the encyclowikiblog of the Forgotten Realms. It’s not just an encyclopedia, and not just a wiki, and not just a blog. (What is the Forgotten Realms?)


The goal here is to create a hyperlinked index of Realmslore. I don’t copy; that would be plagiarism. I don’t even paraphrase in every case… sometimes but not always. My aim is simply to list sources of information on topics of interest to DMs and players working in the Realms; making it pretty is secondary.

How to Use This Site

You’ll find a Search box above the Follow widget, to the right. Type in whatever you’re looking for, and hit Enter.

A list of posts will come up. Posts with your search phrase in the title will be at the top of the list; other posts which contain mentions of your search phrase anywhere in the body of the post will follow that.

If your search is broad (Waterdeep, for instance) you might get a lot of results, but if you can narrow it down (like Buronae Trilluach) the list will often be shorter.

Development News

November 2020: Lots of updating and some rewriting to do. The offline wiki is going well, and I’m hoping to continue building the encyclowikiblog to where the offline wiki can serve as a backup of this site.


If you search for something (and you’re sure it’s related to the Forgotten Realms) and my index entry for it is weak, or missing entirely, please let me know and I’ll fix it!

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