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Siv, from the official WotC Monsters of Faerûn Art Gallery... click on the image for the link.
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At a Glance

A humanoid.


What You See

Sivs are frog-headed humanoids with blue or green skin. They breathe air, and prefer to remain above-water, but are capable of swimming. Males average 5’2″ tall and 105 lbs; females average 4’10” tall and 85 lbs. They have bulbous heads, but their limbs are significantly thinner than those of humans. Their fingers are long, and their feet are webbed.


Sivs are elitist and racist, believing themselves naturally superior to all other races.


Sivs can be found in many marshy areas, notably including the Marsh of Chelimber and the Mere of Dead Men. They are attempting to take control of the Farsea Marshes and the Vast Swamp.

Notable Individuals

In Faerûn


Primary Sources
  • Monsters of Faerûn [11832] page 78
Passing Mention


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